Collaboration And Integration
Across Powersports

Why Data Standards?

Until now, the powersports industry has never had the benefit of a set of data standards to facillitate data communication. Data standards, when combined with modern data integration technology, allow all types of modern business entities to efficiently access and exchange data that is critical to maintaining and expanding their busineness. This lack of standardization had reached a critical juncture, hampering the growth of the industry and negatively impacting dealerships and the consumer experience. 

What PDS Offers

Powersports Data Standards (PDS) meet the urgent need for retail data integration within the powersports industry by offering simplified data standards and introducing advanced integration strategies to reduce the cost and time required to provide dealers with better retail systems. This is helping to transform the industry and ensuring a bright and prosperous future for everyone involved in powersports.

How PDS Began

The initial impetus behind PDS came from BRP, Polaris and Kawasaki together with leading software providers and integration experts Motive Retail. PDS provides powersports OEMs and software providers a clear path to develop and deploy "best in class" software solutions, giving dealers access to the benefits of full retail integration.