Why Using PDS is
Critical for an OEM

PDS gives you multiple, real world advantages
that translate into greater growth and profitability.

As an OEM, the efficiency and profitability of your dealers is paramount. Powersports dealers are the retail face of your brand, and ultimately the source of most of your revenue via product, parts and aftersales transactions. Their ability to provide an outstanding consumer experience while running an effiicent and profitable business is dependent upon access to modern, fully featured and integrated software.

Virtually all retail industries utilize data standards and tight retail integration to improve profitability and give them clear visibility into their reatil operations. This critical capability is now available for powersports. 


Using PDS For Integration Can:

  • Elevate Your Brand Image By Giving Your Dealers More Attracive Consumer Facing Software
  • Provide Real Time Information To Your Business Units
  • Reduce Your Integration Costs
  • Accelerate Your Rollout Process