PDS, A Path to More Dealers

PDS solves the "last mile" problem of getting your software
integrated with existing systems.

As a software company, you love to create new and better products for your customers. It is the very reason that you exist. But having the very best software is of little use without a vibrant customer base. The powersports industry has never had a standardized set of integration requirements, nor has it had an efficient, cost effective means of integrating systems. Lack of easy integration makes your product less attractive to dealers and OEMs, increasing sales resistance. Difficult integrations also stretch your valuable IT resources (that could be put to better use developing new interfaces) and drive up costs.


Using PDS For Integration Can:

  • Gives Your Customers The Types Of Software That They Are Clamoring For
  • Increases Your Subscriber Base By More Easily Integrating With OEMs
  • Lowers Your IT Costs
  • Acellerates Your Rollout Schedules, Increasing Cash Flow